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Enjoy your CSI fan fiction!

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CSI Fan Fiction!
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Hello all! This is a community for ALL CSI fan fictions & writers! Anyone is able to join, so feel free! We can give tips, critiques, whatever you like. :)


1. Please rate each story with a grade of G, PG, R, Over 18. You never know how old a person might be.

2. Put all stories behind an LJ cut! It's helpful for everyone!

3. All fan fictions are accepted - slash and whatever else you would like to write!

4. Also, please provide a short summary of your story when posting. It's the anticipation that kills us!

5. Stories do not have to be focused around the actual CSI workplace. They can be about anything, as long as it contains actors/actresses from ANY CSI television series.

6. You may post pictures with your story. Who can resist a good picture of any of the cast members?!

7. NO FLAMING OTHER MEMBERS!! If you do not like their story, please do not comment on anything of their's. I don't want to start immature drama!

8. HAVE FUN!! This is what this community is about!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the maintainer!